Pizza Hut Broadcast Ad

Pizza Hut Broadcast Ad

Michael Grecco and Flixel Studios Makes Advertising History: First Ever Cinemagraph As A Pizza Hut Broadcast Ad

Client: Pizza Hut, Production Company: Flixel Studios, Director/Photographer: Michael Grecco, Post Production Supervisor: Michael Grecco

Watch this video: https://vimeo.com/150735946

Pizza Hut Broadcast Ad Forever Young the Panasonic Project a film by Michael Grecco (Director's Cut) SPOTS: COHN REZNICK TRT: 1:00 SPOTS: EYEIST PROMO TRT: 1:00 SPOTS: “WANTED,” JESSE MCCARTNEY  TRT: :30 BTS: MARTIN SCORSESE TRT: 1:22 BTS: PENELOPE CRUZ TRT: 1:18 BTS: WILL FERRELL TRT: 1:20 Celebrity photographer and director Michael Grecco takes you behind the scenes making the Wanted Jesse McCartney frangance ad BTS: HASSELBLAD TRT: 5:30